Rotary International Sites of special interest

There are a number of sites that carry Rotary International information that can be of major support to your experience as a Rotarian in District 7750. Below are a number of appropriate sites for your convenience. [If you have any suggestions for other sites to add, please let us know.]

Rotary International home page: This site has been greatly improved and has a wealth on information about Rotary subject, plus forms and instructions. This should be your start for any Rotary search.
Coins for Alzheimer's Research Trust (CART): This site provides information on the multi District CART program. The idea of the CART Fund was accomplish its goals without interfering with other projects. The concept is to ask Rotarians to voluntarily empty their pockets of change at the weekly meeting.
Rotarians on the Internet (ROTI): A site developed by the Rotary fellowship named. The site contains lots of information and many links. They also maintain a group of very active listservers.
International Computer Users Fellowship of Rotarians (ICUFR): ICUFR is the oldest Fellowship of Rotarians dedicated to using computers as a means of conducting Rotary business. Another site with lots of information and links.
Rotary Links: This site provides a very extensive group of links to Rotary information. Consider it an index to Rotary on the web.
Rotary Fellowships: This site provides complete information on the many recreational and vocational fellowships of Rotary. It includes information on suggested fellowships that are looking for charter members to assist on formation.
World Community Service Resource Network (WCSRN): This site is maintained by a group of "self-sustaining group of Rotarian volunteers", and is not associated with the "World Community Service" under RI (buts compliments the information needed by clubs for WCS projects. This Web Site is to act as a "switchboard" or "yellow pages" directory to the literally hundreds of sources of information regarding World Community Service (WCS), Matching Grant (MG), Health, Hunger, and Humanity (3H), Disaster Relief (DR), and other Humanitarian Aid Programs of Rotary and other organizations.