District 7750 Support

The District is committed to assisting the individual clubs with implementation of technology to improve the effectiveness of the clubs in providing "Service Above Self". Listed below are some features that we feel may be of assistance to you. We would also like to hear any suggestions that you may have for better support from us.

District Reporting: If you are a club secretary, you can submit you monthly reporting online. To do that, merely click on "District Reporting" (left) and you will be presented with the appropriate form.

District Grants: A District Grant application formis presented, as information on the terms of District Grants. Once the grant form is completed it will be submitted to the District Grant COmmittee. Grants may be requested up to $1,000.

PETS Section 3: This is a copy of section 3 of the manual given to each President-Elect during their training session. The pages provided serve as a guide to the District for the current Rotary year.

Project Registry: To help your club identify successful projects, the District has established a project registry to allow clubs to share their project ideas with other clubs. We have implemented a form for you to submit project information to the registry, or if you are looking for a project for your club, you can browse through the projects that have been proven themselves.

Speaker Bureau: Good attendance is built through good programs. Therefore, the District will try to assist you in finding good programs by maintaining a speaker bureau, listing speaker that are available in the area. We can only know of speakers through input from the clubs, so we have also provided a form to allow you to report on speakers that you have heard.

District Designated Funds: When clubs in our District contribute funds to the Rotary Foundation, a portion of those funds are designated for projects selected by the District. This will take you to the latest designations for these funds by the District.

Recommended Club Constitution: You can download a copy of the recommended club constitution that is in compliance with rules from last year's Council of Legislation. This is a template in Word.

Recommended Club Bylaws: You can download a copy of the recommended club bylaws that is in compliance with rules from last year's Council of Legislation. This is a template in Word.

Internet Communication Officers: The district and each club has been asked to appoint an Internet Communication Officer to assist in bringing modern communication capabilities to the clubs of Rotary International. Almost half of the clubs in District 7750 have complied and those people are listed in a Directory. There is also additional information on the ICO effort on this link.

Club Mate Users: Club Mate has been selected by RI as the club management software of choice. We provide a directory of those club that are using it and the contact person at each club.

District eMail List: Subscribe to the District mailing list to receive notes of special interest and announcements.

District Information Exchange: Join a forum to discuss any Rotary topics that may be of interest to you.